Kask Riddell SPEEDFLEX futbol amerykański sklep

Kask Riddell SPEEDFLEX


SpeedFlex represents the Flex system with elastic engineering in the shell, facemask, and fastenings holding the facemask, which further enhances impact reduction. The Riddell SpeedFlex American football helmet also features patented Side Impact Protection, reducing the sensation of every impact, and All-Points Quick Release, allowing for faster and safer facemask detachment.

Facemask and a hard Chinstrap are included in the helmet's price. Just add the facemask to your cart. You can also choose a soft chinstrap instead of a hard one. Additionally, let us know if you prefer the all-black version.

You can choose one of the following facemasks from our offer and add it to your cart:

Riddell SF-2EG-II (R95457)

Riddell SF-2BDC

Riddell SF-2BD (R95414)

  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • Black
  • Blue
  • White
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Navy
  • Purple
  • Dark Green
  • Maroon
  • Vegas Gold
  • Old Gold
  • Metalic Gold
  • Metalic Silver
  • Cardinal
  • Royal
  • Black matte
  • South Bend Gold
  • Scarlet
  • Forest
  • Ultra Flat Black
  • Flat Navy
  • Met. Purple


SpeedFlex represents the Flex system with flexible engineering in the face, grille and fastenings holding the grille, making the impact reduction even greater. The American Riddell SpeedFlex football helmet also represents the patented Side Impact Protection - reducing the feeling of each hit and the All-Points Quick Release - allows you to quickly and safely detach the grille.

Flex technology, which is found in the helmet shell, grille and grille holders.

TRU-CURVE LINER SYSTEM is a specially designed system of inserts in 3D technology, which better matches the helmet's head and coating.

SCREW & CAP LINER ATTACHMENTS, thanks to which the vents and caps easily and easily assemble the helmet coating.

The aggressive and future design with fully integrated inserts is a work of art and inspires future generations.

PSIP technology protects and reduces the impact of side impacts on the helmet.

FLEXLINER - flexible inserts designed to easily adapt to any head shape, protecting it as much as possible.

  Five points to adjust the helmet thanks to additional valves for the inserts.

Quick detachment system.

The chin attachment system allows greater freedom when playing.

Facemask is not included. 

Rozmiar Obwód głowy
S do 20 3/8"
M 20 3/8" - 22"
L 22" - 23 1/2"
XL 23 1/2" and up

Jeśli masz obwód na granicy dwóch rozmiarów wybierz ten miniejszy.

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