Batting gloves

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Batting gloves are one of the most important accessories. Every batter should take care of them, because his disposition, which is also influenced by gloves, is crucial to the results of the meeting. That is why we offer a wide range of club gloves at good prices. All are delivered by leading manufacturers. Our offer also includes Gorilla Gold towels known to all. It is thanks to them that during the match we can quickly and effectively clean our gloves e.g. from sand and increase their grip again.

Batsman gloves are characterized by the fact that they perfectly match the hand, creating a second skin on the hand. They guarantee ventilation of the hands during the game, so that the player can feel the comfort of having them and not the discomfort of the material sticking to the skin. One of the most important advantages of these gloves is their inner side, the best version is usually covered with natural sheepskin. It is this motif that provides some grip to the baseball bat.
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