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Both Baseball and Softball require distinctive clothing during games. Matchwear in these two areas of sport is very similar. In our sports store you will find the necessary clothing to appear on the softball field fully professionally. We have special thermoactive shirts that are designed to absorb sweat and provide softball players with full comfort. Of course, a softball pitch cannot exist without the characteristic two-colored shirts, we provide a wide range of color and size combinations at low prices. Another element that provides comfort during the games are special shorts, which very often have additional side inserts or reinforcements, all with a view to the safety of softball players. We will put on professional shorts softball pants, which we have in abundance depending on the team's colors and preferences. They have different cuts and lengths, if you have doubts about which ones you should choose, please contact us - we will definitely help :)

An inseparable element of softball are also characteristic baseball caps, of course we have them with embroidered team logo, but also such without markings. Additional support for the player are also sweat bands absorbing wrists, as well as special elbow sleeves mainly manufactured by Nike, which ensures safety against skin abrasions on the softball field.

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