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American football cannot exist without proper training and preparation!

Our NFL Polska American Football Store offers interesting solutions for better fitness and agility on the football field in Poland.

At the beginning maybe a parachute? Do you want to increase your strength? strengthen leg muscles? knock down your opponent to the ground? why not, Resistance Parachute will help you overcome weaknesses and improve your movements on the pitch.

If this is not enough, we have something heavier, namely Resistive Sledges that put a specific resistance, those available with us are characterized by the fact that they are very durable, in addition to sleds we also have characters for pushing or blocking for endurance and strength exercises. In addition, we offer shields that will be an inseparable element of training on the football field because they help maintain the right balance much needed in American football as well as help to develop reaction speed and maintain a proper body height. The advantage are mannequins with a versatile application to which the ball is attached to improve its overall agility and playing style.

If you need additional training outside the pitch, then the resistance rubbers are great, which sensationally strengthens the muscles of the lower legs, which in American football can not miss. Available in three markings with different resistance.

Returning to the pitch, in addition to strength, it would be appropriate to practice the player's cleverness and reflexes as well as his endurance, at this point with the help of various types of ladders, for exercise, as well as cones and islets, which in combination can be a very creative source of training in American football. A similar function is fulfilled by flexible and hard training hurdles which come in different heights and sizes depending on the needs of football players.

If all this is not enough, we suggest at the end of the football throw coach who trains accurately the accuracy of throws and their appropriate strength during a football match. In addition, we add special training steps that, arranged in a row, give practicing football players a real challenge.

Finally, something for the American football coach to facilitate tactical issues we have various types of coaching boards among which every coach will find something for themselves :)

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