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In our store with American football equipment we present pads fastened to shoulder pads, which additionally provide protection around the neck. They provide some comfort around the neck, exception We offer a very wide range of shoulder pads used to protect players in American football. We have new shoulder protectors from companies such as Xenith, Pro-tec Gear, Russell, Riddell and Schutt. They use a hard coating to protect, and the interior is covered with foam that absorbs any impact. They differ in construction due to the player's position and the need for greater protection of specific places on the body. Most of them have an adjustable belt clip with a buckle. The priority is to protect players' health!

The latest on the market is currently the 2inOne protector. They use modern technology, ultra light outer shell in two versions. One is made of a carbon coating, the other is a polyethylene coating. Separately fastened compression vests provide protection at the highest possible level. Adhere perfectly to the body maximizing comfort and protection of the player.

In addition, for those wanting to save without losing safety, we have a series of protectors bearing slight signs of use, at much lower prices than those directly from the manufacturer. However, with the logo of the best companies in American football alone.ow important at the time of fall. This is a very important element ensuring the safety of a football player.
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