American football is a sport that requires a lot of sacrifice from every player. Tons of shifted weights, hundreds of kilometers made during the year and most importantly a mind that analyzes a lot of information during training, matches, theoretical meetings or pre-season preparations. Sometimes there is no other life than football. We devote our time with friends and family to become better every day, because we do not win when we overtake others, but when we are still ahead of ourselves in what we do.

For whom?

This year (2018), Sport House has created a program that already supports the youngest players in Poland. The goal of the program is to help young people who are in love with football, help their team and devote every time to the development and future of the team. Taking into account various aspects, we want young enthusiasts to be able to do what they do and not worry about missing something. Every year, we will select young American football players who will be nominated by the teams. Thanks to cooperation with teams, we have easy access to information about those who should be rewarded for the time and energy invested in the development of football.


1. Notification
Teams report their players by the end of November by sending information about them to hello@sporthouse.sh. The most important thing is that this information contains #why this player, #why stands out from the others #how long he plays American football # player's age # in what position # sizes of shoes, gloves and clothing # phone number of the person in charge of taking care of the player in the team
2.Contact with coach
We will contact you to conduct an additional interview about the player.
3. Choosing a player / players
We will contact you to conduct an additional interview about the player.
4. Consultation with a guardian
As part of cooperation with the supervisor, we will adjust the form of support.
For more information, call +48 533654951 or email hello@sporthouse.pl
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