Socks CF

CF socks

What does the full set of crossfit outfits consist of? There can be several answers to this question, it all depends on the preferences of the wearer. However, for example, you can provide a T-shirt, leggings and appropriate underwear under them. If the training takes place outside, there is also a breathable sweatshirt. Is that all or maybe something has escaped attention? The above description lacks a certain element, they are CF socks. The more popular name for this garment is knee socks that play a very important role, although you can't see them under other clothes.

In SportHouse you can find CF socks in various interesting colors. They have reinforcements on the fingers, they have also been sewn with the technique of flat seams, which gives enormous comfort. After putting on the shoe, nothing will crease, it will make the whole workout even more pleasure.

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