Mobility in crossfit is mainly learning how to deal with pain skillfully and a professional way to deal with injuries after intense crossfit efforts. Which results in the optimization of sports results.

Our online crossfit store has special equipment on offer that helps you deal with the effects of training. In the first place are balls that, thanks to the double structure, perform the function of a massager mainly in the neck and spine areas just after a highly debilitating workout, provide pain relief and relax muscles. The second position in crossfit are the rubber that will be the most effective in stretching exercises, improving the athlete's agility to avoid unpleasant injuries in the future and be able to fully use his body. An obvious thing in this category of crossfit equipment are also massaging rollers which are an inseparable element of convalescence intended mainly for larger areas of the body, e.g. the back. In addition, kinesio tapes are praised by many people and by an even larger group that help magically cope with various tensions and pain. Skilfully glued give great relief for strained joints. Crossfit with such equipment thanks to our online store is a pure pleasure.
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