Jaw Pads

We offer protective inserts for football helmets of various brands. Each company has their own model and mounting method. The inserts have different colors and thicknesses depending on the player's preferences. There are inserts that are pumped, the easiest to adapt to the player's head, pumping with the helmet already on the head. We also offer unventilated ones, then it is important to choose the right thickness of the insert. The task of jaw pads is to immobilize the helmet on the player's head to ensure his safety during shocks and blows. The helmet should not be too loose, because it could fall off the head, too thick inserts that cause too tight adhesion are also not suitable, can cause damage to the player's head. We have inserts for all helmet models present on the football market. If in doubt about the appropriate selection of equipment, please contact the store - we offer professional help.
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