Developed and designed with the participation of Julian Edelman himself, these are gloves that grabbed and raised the Lombardi Trophy. These are gloves that help Edelman catch almost everything in his postcode. These are the gloves you should wear. This is the result of a close partnership between number 11 and Cutters. We make wonderful gloves; you do wonderful tricks.

So Cutters describes gloves that he released some time ago in cooperation with JE. So we sent one pair to Jakub Mazan to check what he thinks about them, but a little later. I will not say anything about the grip and the quality of gloves, because for me, Cutters has been doing and doing the best American football gloves on the market in this respect. The issue of appearance, price and fit is another matter :) At first glance, gloves do not stand out, the classic Cutters cut. Leather elements, between which a thin and delicate stretchable material is placed. The finish at a high level nowhere shows the threads or badly stitched items left on top. JE11 stamp on the outside glued and stitched, but it can be easily removed as someone irritates. The inner part is completely covered with C-Tack Grip. The white model is white with JE11 in black.

The first question that came to my mind after putting on the glove, if I have the size of L. Cutters, I think it was a bit weighed down and I had to check XL, which fit perfectly on the hand. This is very interesting, because trying on the previous models of this brand I always fit in size L. Immediately you can feel the lack of patent used gloves Vapor Jet or Phenom Elite. Exactly, I mean a round notch when joining my fingers. I give it more mobility when it comes to finger mobility. Although ... The gloves are very comfortable, they do not limit my movements. Material inserts are located exactly where you need them and provide a full range of movements.

We will see now how others evaluate this model. By checking the Cutters website for 39 reviews, 35 are 5 stars. Below are some more interesting:

I bought them to play in the flagship football league for adults and I have to say that these are definitely the most comfortable and best-functioning gloves I've worn in 18 years of playing American football. I really bought them just because they looked fantastic, and Edelman is my favorite WR, not expecting to be something more than average, but I was wrong. The grip is perfect, the property almost does not exist. Sizes are a bit difficult, but normally I wear an adult medium and ordered L for them and they fit a bit in a thumb, but the medium would be too small. I recommend great gloves to everyone, not only to Edelman fans. "

"My son has an L size for adults in football gloves, but this one was too small. I returned L and bought XL, which suited him well. He likes them very much! "

Plain Jane

"I bought JE11 gloves and they are very detailed and very reliable! Absolutely recommend "

James W

"My son has an L size for adults in football gloves, but this one was too small. I returned L and bought XL, which suited him well. He likes them very much! "

Plain Jane

All reviews below 5 stars were caused by bad sizes.

Jakub Mazan also got the gloves for testing:

For the first time I used Cutters gloves (model JE II) and I think that they are really great. The flagship advantage is the comfort of wearing, thanks to the delicate material that perfectly covers the skin of the hand. You can have the impression that practically, do not feel them on your hands. Regarding the Grip, I think Cutters gloves have the best grip on the market. The only thing you could pin your eyes on is their appearance. I am proud to say that Nike have more beautiful gloves in terms of design. However, adding up all the pros I think it was a sure step to change the American football gloves from Nike to Cutters.

Quality 5

Convenience 5

Fit 5

Appearance 3

Grip 5

Price 5

Ventilation 5

Wrist straps 3

Overall opinion 5

Will Kuba permanently use Cutters time will show :) As for me, Cutters did not disappoint when it comes to quality, but they worsened the work of size.

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