Rękawica Baseballowa Wilson A360 10
Rękawica Baseballowa Wilson A360 10
Rękawica Baseballowa Wilson A360 10
Rękawica Baseballowa Wilson A360 10
Rękawica Baseballowa Wilson A360 10
Rękawica Baseballowa Wilson A360 10

Glove Baseball Wilson A360 10" RHT

169,00 zł

Hit the field with Wilson's most popular jet model, KP92. Developed with the legendary MLB Kirby Puckett, this glove is preferred because of the length and the reinforced rod at the top of the "trap" for additional stability of pockets and grips.

- Pro Laced T-Web Pro Stock Select Leather external model The 2X palm design ensures maximum pocket stability

- Rolled double bond for faster burglary

- size 12.5 inches

- put on right hand.



24 H




9,50 EURO

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Young players require a special fielding glove to help them be successful in the field. One special glove that parents and coaches can get for their players is this Wilson A360 WTA03RB1710, which comes from one of the best baseball equipment companies around today. Help your kid make every possible play in the field this season, by letting them work with this Wilson gem. Here is why you will want your young player to own a 360 glove.

The Wilson A360 WTA03RB1710 comes made with a full pigskin palm and web. The pigskin material of this glove makes it a super durable item, and a glove that will last your kid until they eventually grow out of it. This glove also provides a comfortable hand feel for young players, and has great looking exterior material. This glove is easy for young players to put on, thanks to its simple hook and loop strap. Despite its simplicity, the strap still gives fielders a great secure fit on their hand throughout all six innings. The item comes in black and white coloring, and looks incredibly professional. It has an Aso Web, and features a youth specific pattern. This glove comes in a 10-inch size.

Wilson has been dominating the glove fielding market for years and years now, and for good reason. This is a company that continues to release better and more innovative baseball gloves with each passing year, and works hard to allow fielders to be at their best. They not only do this for adult fielding players, but for youth fielders as well. While other glove companies might slack off with their youth level items, Wilson makes sure that all of their gloves are high quality products. When buying from Wilson, your buying from a hard-working company that seeks consistent level of perfection. The Wilson A360 WTA03RB1710 is a great choice for kids positioned anywhere in the field. If you have a young player that frequently moves from position to position, this glove will accommodate them. So, order this mitt for your youth fielder’s next season of baseball action.

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